Tournament Responsibilities

The District Administrator of a given district is responsible for various aspects of the operations of district tournament games that are part of the International Tournament. He or she may appoint a Tournament Director if the games of a tournament are played at various sites. If no Tournament Director is appointed by the District Administrator, then the DA is the Tournament Director.

International Tournament games are those games that begin on or about July 1 at the District level and conclude with the State Tournaments (8-10 Division & 9-11-year-old Division) and World Series in the nine other divisions of play.

The District Administrator is solely responsible for deciding the site(s) for games within district tournament play. When reviewing possible sites, the DA should consider:

  1. Minimum Standards. It is vital that each site meets the minimum published standards for size, layout, lighting, dugouts, seating, parking, concession, public rest rooms, public address system and safety.

  2. Location. It is important that the location be accessible to all participants.

  3. Volunteers. Each site must have enough volunteers for all committees and duties required.

The District Administrator is solely responsible for deciding the officials for games within district tournament play. When reviewing these people, the DA should consider:

  1. Umpires. These should be experienced people who work in leagues as volunteers. Their training, experience and availability to attend briefings as well as games should be most important. Sufficient personnel should be recruited to assure their rotation to sites so as to avoid, if possible, any umpire officiating a game involving his/her "home" team. District Administrators must not umpire.

  2. Scorekeeper(s). This is a very important, yet often overlooked, aspect of tournament play. It is vital for all scorekeepers to understand that they must be diligent in ensuring that no ineligible pitcher/player participates in a game. Although the manager of each team is ultimately responsible for this, and the participation of an ineligible player will almost certainly cause a game to be forfeited, scorekeepers and all other personnel should make every attempt to prevent this situation.

  3. Tournament Directors. These people are appointed by the District Administrator to oversee games at individual sites, and they serve at the pleasure of the DA. They must be well versed in the rules, regulations and policies of Little League, and in the Tournament Rules and Guidelines. They must be available at the site to answer any questions that may arise. However, it must be understood by all concerned that the Tournament Committee in Williamsport has final authority over all aspects of play in the International Tournament. No District Administrator, Tournament Director, umpire or any other person has the authority to suspend or alter any rule, regulation or policy of Little League, or any part of the Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

Possible committees for each District Administrator to appoint should include: finance, housing, publicity, transportation, program, parking & police, medical, ceremonies, umpires and scorekeepers.

The procedures for handling any protest of a Tournament Rule or Regulation in the International Tournament are in the appropriate Rulebook. It is the right of each manager to suspend play in the International Tournament until his/her protest is heard at the Regional level and, if requested, International Headquarters level. (This does not apply during regular season play, or in Special Games.) However, in the case of a protest involving a playing rule, if the manager relinquishes this right and continues play without first referring the problem to the highest level possible (the Tournament Committee in Williamsport), then the protest is no longer valid.

If a team fails to arrive for a scheduled International Tournament game, the District Administrator or Tournament Director should receive documentation as to the cause. If the team never received information on scheduling, or received the wrong information, or if some members of the team became ill or injured, and the team cannot field at least nine players that day because of the illness or injury the game may be re-scheduled.

However, if the team fails to arrive at the game because of indifference, or because some players are participating in other baseball/softball programs, or because some players are out of town, etc., the District Administrator or Tournament Director may request that the game be forfeited. The reason for a team failing to arrive at a game should be determined before the regional office is contacted. Any forfeit for any reason whatsoever may ONLY be granted by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport. Umpires, the District Administrator, Tournament Director and Regional Director are NOT authorized to grant forfeits.

Televising of International Tournament games without express written permission from Little League Baseball International is prohibited. If a network, television station, cable company, etc., wishes to televise a game, the procedure is detailed here.

Radio broadcasts of International Tournament games is permitted, provided the sponsorship (advertising) for such broadcasts conforms to Little League policies regarding advertising. (See the Operating Manual.) The District Administrator may execute a contract for radio broadcasting of International Tournament games in which he/she is Tournament Director.

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