Tournament Forms

Below is a list of Tournament specific forms.

Each of the forms listed below may be filled out electronically, then printed for signatures.

Downloading Note:

Right-clicking on the form links and downloading the documents below via the "save target as" option will result in much quicker download and viewing speed. As an additional benefit, it is also a much more secure option than viewing the PDF's in your browser.

You may have to clear your browser's cache/temp files to view the most up-to-date files.


  Tournament Player Verification (NEW FOR 2017)
  Little League® Baseball and Softball School Enrollment Form
  Tournament Supplemental Affidavit - School Participation Exemption
  Medical Release (NEW FOR 2016)
  Tournament Financial Report (NEW FOR 2016)
  Tournament Media Contracts
  Tournament Mileage Report (NEW FOR 2016)
  Tournament Verification Check List (NEW FOR 2016)
  Tournament Offers

Tournament Team Eligibility Affidavit - Baseball and Softball

  Tournament Team Eligibility Affidavit - Baseball (NEW FOR 2016)
  Tournament Team Eligibility Affidavit - Softball (NEW FOR 2016)

Age and Residency Requirements

  Proof of Residency and Age Requirements (NEW FOR 2016)

Approved Tournament Schedule Formats

  Pool Play Format Guidelines
  Tournament Bracket Book

Tournament Safety

  NOAA Teams with Little League on Lightning Safety Awareness
  Keep Your Players Hydrated this Little League® Season
  Keep Your Little Leaguer® Hydrated This Summer

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