Background Checks for Temporary Replacement of Managers and Coaches

Temporary replacement of a manger or coach must be entered each time an individual serves as a temporary manager or coach. After the first time an individual serves as temporary replacement for a manager or coach at any level of tournament play, that individual cannot be used again in the tournament until a Little League Volunteer Application is completed and the league president or tournament director conducts a background check in accordance with Little League Regulations and any respective state laws. Violations of these requirements are subject to action by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport. When a manager or coach is permanently replaced, his/her original space on page 3 of the affidavit should be marked with a HEAVY black line. Once a manager or coach on the original affidavit is replaced, he/she cannot return to manage or coach the team. Exceptions can only be made in writing by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport, PA.

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