Members of the print, online, television, and radio media are always looking for a good story, and your league activities may be of interest to the local press.

  • A. FIND THE RIGHT OUTLET: Your local newspaper is a great place to go, but don’t overlook the importance of online media (like Patch.com or similar local news sites), radio stations, community message boards, and television stations. Ask your volunteers and parents if any of them work for a local media outlet or know of someone who does. Knowing a contact is a great way to get your message seen and distributed.
  • B. CONTACT THE RIGHT PERSON: Reach out to a real person and not a general email. Find a sports editor or a local news/community editor, senior editors, managing editors, or reporters. For television and radio stations, look for news directors or sports directors. If you’re still not sure who to reach out to, it never hurts to call the outlet directly and find the appropriate contact.
  • C. CRAFT YOUR MESSAGE: Media Alerts provide quick information on an upcoming event (e.g.. Opening Day). They should always include who, what, where, and when. They should also include an interesting hook that makes media want to cover the event, and be sure to include anything from your community that is noteworthy. It is also smart to include information about any special dignitaries who may be part of your event.
    • Press Releases are longer and written like a story. They should also have all the details that a Media Alert has, only with more information and a quote from your League President or another league official. Supplying a hi-resolution digital photo for the media to use is another way to help get coverage of your event.
  • D. VISIT LITTLELEAGUETOOLKIT.ORG for ready-to-use Media Alert and Press Release templates for your registration, Opening Ceremonies, end-of-year events, and more.
  • E. TIME YOUR OUTREACH: Send a media alert out two weeks before your event and re-send it two to three days before your event. Identify key media that you will reach out to the day before your event. Within a day after your event, send out a follow-up Press Release and a photo that shares the event’s success.
  • F. KEEP YOUR WEBSITE UPDATED: Your website is not only a tool to keep players, parents, and volunteers informed, but also the media. Make sure that you are placing updates about your events on your website. If you have permission to use photos from those events, include them on your website.
  • G. UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: Media will also use your social media pages to get information about your league. Make sure your league background information and contact information is up-to-date, and that you’re promoting your events on social media. New to Facebook and Twitter? Keep your posts simple, straightforward, and informative. Sharing a photo with your post is always a great idea to get more engagement. See page 27 for more tips.

Little League wants to know about your success promoting your league! If you get your local news to do a story about your events, or have your own photos, videos and stories to share, be sure to email them to media@LittleLeague.org

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